C++ and Linux /Ubuntu Environment.

Objectives: Unix and Linux are packaged with own compliers. Ubuntu is a Linux operating system. 

Step : 1 Go to Dash home and Type terminal to open a terminal , or notepad to open a note-pad.

 Now find the notepad application by typing “Notepad” in the search box of Dash home pane. Just click  on the shortcut to open this application.

Step 2 ; In the note pad type the following source-code, and save under this location”~/Desktop/cplus, with cpp extension, as shown below.You can browse to your destination folder and save this file with cpp extension as shown below.

Note the file was saved. Now close this file and open it again from it's default location.

Step: 3 When you open this file from it's default location, you also notice the path and location of file

Step 5: Now open a terminal window, just by typing “terminal” in the seraph box of of Dash-Home pane. You may change the appearance of the terminal window. To change the appearance, right click on the terminal pane, and select “Prorile>Preferences “, it will get to this window. Now you would be able change the appearance of the terminal window

Now get back to the terminal window.If you had used DOS or command prompt of window, you can use similar command like “change directory” by writing “cd dir-name” at the prompt on the terminal windows.

Step: 6 Get the list of contents of directory with “ls” command.

Now let us compile our source-code.

Type this syntax to compile your code : g++ -Wall -W -Werror test1.cpp -o test1

You just hit enter to execute the command.If your source-code did not have error, the prompt will return back as shown below, and you are ready to run the complied code.

The compiled code was saved at the location shown in the terminal window.

The file named “test1” contains the machine readable language, created from the file,“test1.cpp”. Before we run this code, let us take look at the properties of this file.


Step 7 : Runtime views: To execute this application, type “./test1” at the prompt.

To close the terminal window, type exit.