C++ Quincy: how to create aproject

Objectives :

  • Using pragma in a header class
  • Creating a project with Quincy

Step: 1 First create a Project so that the compiler locate the target

The wizard opens a new dialogue pane

This will create a working profile, as shown below.

Step: 2 Now create two files, one header and source files.

Step: 3 Defining source files in a project: add the source files to the project. The Quincy wizard does not compile  header files.

Step 4: Adding your header file in Quincy : the compiler will look for header files in the folder, named "include as shown below". since the our header files are not here. When we compile our current project, we would see some error like the one, shown below.

The illustration showing a "Build error".

Step 5; Fix Build error, by adding the header file in the



Step 6: Now when you build the project, the compiler will locate the header files.

Now Execute the program