C++ : Building C++  and Know you environment


  • Building the C++ source code : It is process of translating the textual statements into an application through a machine language.
    • An application is the end result generated by a compiler, managed by an Integrated Development Environment (IDE).
  • Which IDE ?:  There are many compilers, and IDE available, your choice and comfort is essential in this regard.
    • In some of the IDE software like Eclipse or Net Bean, the compilers can be added as a modular phase or plug-in.
  • I used some compiler as listed below
  • If you are just testing code and not saving your work, you use any software your choice and then create a workspace and go on Build or Rebuild your application. My main choice was Quincy 2005 for testing single source file.

Theme of building a C++ project/source code.




Source File / Extension









With Quincy : using command line

Executable creates machine language, which can viewed in Hex format as shown below