C++ Basic understanding

Objectives : You need a compiler.

  • Prefer less reading, and expect short answer or explanation.
  • You want to understand C/C++ programming.
    • Then you need an application or program, that will understand what you type and then verify that what ever you typed is acceptable. In one word you need a compiler application to convert text input to a machine language and display which would be readable.
  • Pick an image you like and feel what you know or what you don't know.

Step: 1 Mechanics of C++ programming




Step: 2 Programming language

  • -Types of programming languages
    • Machine languages (digital or binary instruction)
      • comprises with a set of instructions, at the lowest level, consisting of string of numbers that computer directly understands. These strings are interpreted into hexadecimal numbers (binary digits) for human viewing.
      • +14100543419 something like this.
    • Assemble Languages
      • Uses structured command strings, as shown below.
    • High level languages
      • Consisting contains scripts, with a reference point, as shown below
      • my_variable = last_name + first_name;

Step: 3 Origin of C++

  • BPCL (1967)  + B language
    • C programming
      • C++ programming evolved in early 1980s.
        • Java early 1990s