C++- Dissecting Editors  (Using Eclipse Editor)

Step: 1 Using Eclipse Plug-ins

Step 2:  Anatomy of C++ coding (function) block.

Step 3: Coding Block:

A coding block in C++ starts and ends with a pair of curly braces. All statements must  end with semicolon (;). The function "int" defines that this expects an integer to be returned, and "return 0" at the end of the blocks, means that program terminated successfully.

C++ Main Function: C++ codes must contain "main" function as an entry point. Here # is a preprocessor directive, that will browse a library (file) for input and out put operations.

Step 4: The function main, must have a return value and main must return an integer value.

Step 5: Library and input type:

# -- ----------Preprocessor Directive
<iostream> -- is a file in a library that will interpret input/out machine code to the compiler.
()------------- indicates that main() is a function.
{ } ----------- left brace { begins the body statements, where as right brace } marks the end of the coding block.
<< ----------- Stream insertion operator.
\n ------------- Here "\" is an escape character and "n" will create a new-line break.